What to do with insecurity

1. Talk to a trusted friend who will speak truth to you.

  • Most likely a lot of what you are thinking and feeling is over exaggerated in your own mind. Feelings lie to us, and insecurity is one of the most paralyzing feelings we experience.
  • Some of the crazy thoughts we have about ourselves or our situation are downright embarrassing. Be willing to share these things with a few trusted friends who will be able to talk you through your (most like irrational) fears are untrue.

2. Reflect on the root of your insecurity.

  • While most of what you are worrying about or feeling insecure about is unfounded, there likely exists something you may have done or said that is worth reflecting on.
  • Address whatever mistakes you may have made but then immediately move on and do not let yourself dwell in the land of insecurity any longer.

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