Staying positive in the midst of uncertainty

Positive – to be sure of something. Positively charged, giving and generating energy as opposed to negatively draining energy.

How does one stay positive when there are so many uncertain elements in one’s life?

Here’s what I’ve learned/am learning so far:

  • When your goals seem unclear – you must put them in front of your face every single day. I suggest a vision board or as simple as a post it.
  • Most of the exciting, hyped up time of getting after your goals is short lived, which sucks. Most of the time spent in creating the future of your dreams is lots and lots of HARD WORK. And a lot of it isn’t fun.
  • Change your expectations or timelines with your goals as life happens – and don’t let your goals get in the way of life (family, being responsible).
  • Remember why you started this journey in the first place. God may be taking you through the valley to get you to the mountain top.
  • Don’t despise these hum drum times – it is building you for the life you were made for.
  • Keep on keeping on. Run that next mile. Sign up for that next class. Say that kind word. Believe in the good you are doing – even when no one else does.

Remember why you were so certain of your goals and dreams in the first place and don’t let the everyday frustrations cloud your vision. Inspiration will come and go, and I think that’s the hardest part about this whole thing. Act and the feelings will come.


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