I love the show Blue Bloods. Perhaps because they often put themselves in uncomfortable situations to stand up for what is right, a trait I admire greatly.

Confrontation makes us uncomfortable. Why? Are we afraid to be seen for what we truly are? Fear is a big player here.

I’m working through my fears to address wrong and right when I need to. It’s empowering and easier to sleep at night in some ways but also terrifying in other ways.

Most of us hide our true feelings for the sake of saving face. At what cost? I love the saying ‘you can say anything to anyone it’s all in how you say it.’ Let’s remember that when we are afraid to confront. I think a big fear I have is controlling what I say in an uncomfortable situation. What if I come off this way or that way? Really, the best I can do is practice beforehand and rehearse the lines instead of letting my emotions speak.

I have to watch my motives and make sure I’m confronting for the right reasons as we all must. The goal should be for mutual understanding and mutual learning, not for chastisement.

Real growth happens when honesty is spoken kindly.

Here’s to growth with confrontation in 2018.


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