Stillness, Unrest

Sitting down after a 15 hour day, contemplating, musing about all the things you cannot change.

How can one keep hope when so much cannot be changed?  How do you sit in the stillness?  How do you deal with the unrest within you heart and mind?

Many stuff it, claiming never to have cared in the first place.  Many lash out at others and blame their rage on circumstantial things.

Why did we all enter this profession?  Why did we start these families?  Why did we ever dream a dream?

Somewhere in our hearts we knew we could make a difference.  Somewhere deeper still we knew we could change the world.  In the deepest place is our fear that we never will, and that nothing we do ever matters at all, to anyone, let alone ourselves.

People say to pick your battles yet wars are won by small victories. People say things will never change.  But…they do, change.

The worst moment an optimist may come to face is the moment YOU change, when your heart has seen its last defeat and felt its final hurt.  You join the ranks with the rest of the cynics and jaded souls who make up most of this world.  Deep down you know you don’t belong.  Sometimes the fight is too hard alone.

What are we to believe?  What are we to fight for?  For how long?

If you have hope keep holding onto it and never let it go.

Hope is all I have sometimes and its all I can do to sit in the stillness, with the unrest in my soul.  Lord, help me change the world, please.


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