I’ve resisted writing this blog post because I don’t want to hold myself accountable to this quote.

There is so much wisdom to be found here but such difficulty is encountered when trying to integrate this into real life.

I love to torture myself with ‘I should have, I could have, what might have been..’  How much energy would be saved in my life if I left the past in the past and completely focused on what I could control: the future.

Sometimes I am forgiving towards myself regarding ‘coulda, shoulda, woulda’ but more often than not, I somehow think mental self punishment will redeem my regrets.

Not so.  We must give ourselves immediate grace and look forward.  Dwelling on what could have been has no redemptive value in our lives.  Learning from our mistakes?  Yes.  Make better decisions in the future? Yes.  Wallowing in self-pity over what could have been?  No.

Let us catch ourselves – next time you hear yourself saying ‘might have, could have, would have or should have,’ and instead let us say ‘I will, I can, I do.’



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