Pray – Try It

I’m re-listening to Fervent.  This book is what spawned the the movie The War Room.

Life is hard.  It knocks you down unexpectedly.  The diagnosis comes.  The car breaks down.  The child is rebellious.  The job didn’t get offered.  The check didn’t come.

Without the power of prayer in my life I don’t know where I would be.

Praying through my worries is what gives me peace in the midst of crisis.  Praying for others allows for miracles for both parties to see.

Prayer for healing offers God a front stage to show himself as the Great Physician.

Prayer is what we can turn to when no one else is there. God’s ear is never turned from us.

Prayer is what can protect us from satan’s attacks and remove his lies from our mind.

Prayer is what gives us greater faith, strength in spirit and resolve in our beliefs.

Try praying.  Speak out loud.  Write it down.  God’s healing can go to the deepest darkest places where your scariest wounds are found.

Lay down your worries at God’s feet and lift your face to God’s outstretched arms on the cross.  HE loves you this much, that He died for you.  How much more will he listen and answer your prayers?




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