Why We Need Time and Shouldn’t Despise It

We tap our foot impatiently at it’s gatekeeper; The Clock.

We describe it as a authority figure; Father Time.  Depending on your association with the word ‘Father’ we may despise it’s reign over us all the more.

In a world of instantaneous fame, however fleeting and hollow it may be – we want our goals all the more and to get here all the faster.  Because, after all, that fashion blogger in Brazil is posting pictures of her yacht and all she did was post some selfies.  Right?  So it should be that easy and come as fast and we deserve success more than the Jones’s next door.  WRONG. 

Comparison is the theif of Joy and we cannot expect our timelines to look exactly like anyone else’s.

We are not entitled to success – for any reason. And the steps to get there and stay there are all necessary and cannot be skipped. 

Do not compare your ability to build wealth with someone in the workforce twice as long as you. 

So what, someone younger than you bought a house, had a kid and finished their MBA at the same time that you were staring a new career?  It’s easy to get salty – and believe you me I have been Time’s greatest verbal offender – whining and complaining of how long it was taking me to find my mate, get a job, start paying off debt – find true and lasting friendships – find my calling, lose the weight, have the wedding, have the baby.

But God in His gracious wisdom withholds things until their proper time – we might otherwise not have the maturity to handle what we were given and all would be lost. 

I find myself starting to dread time again – as I start my masters in January I groan my when I think…5 years, God that’s so long – I want it sooner – easier – but Lord knows I’ll need those 5 years to prepare for the next stage of my nursing career.

I’ve needed all the time God has given me because without it – lessons would not have been learned and I’d still be making the same mistakes today. 

Time makes us clarify what we really want- if we still want it for years – it’s probably a sure thing it’s in our future eventually. Thank God time passed during momentary phases and I was able to phase out of the awful stages of insecurity and negative behavior.

Thank God I didn’t meet my husband until I did – I wasn’t ready before, although I would swear up and down that I was. 

Thank God for the nine months to prepare for the living being inside you – we need that bonding time and sacrifice of self to prepare for a life of selfless love and sacrifice towards that beautiful child.

Thank God we don’t get the boyfriends as husbands that we prayed for in our teens- thank God we took time to choose our career – took time to get married – or not – to all of these things – and thank God now you have time to change anything you want to in your life.

Our emotions are labile – unpredictable and vicious when it comes to impulsivity. Thank God for delays – so that we can slap some sense into ourselves and not sign a lease for a Porsche because we had a bad day and want to feel better – meanwhile plundging 699 more in debt each month.  Thank God for the still small voice that makes us second guess.

I’ve first guessed and was dead wrong many times. Thank God for time – it allowed me the space and ability to dig myself out of my situation.

Let us not despise time, for we rather need it – quite desperately in fact.

And thank God for it – Father Time himself – who does all things in his perfect timing – many reasons which we may never know this side of heaven. 


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