When you are facing a challenge 

It seems like as soon as life is smooth sailing for a minute or two – something else comes up calling for our attention, our brain power and will power to power through this next challenge that’s come our way.

Why are we ever surprised? We definitely shouldn’t be. This is the stuff of life. The gritty, no fun, knuckle bearing situations that make you face yourself and the reality that you live in. 

Whether it’s money related, job related, relationship related – there is always something ‘popping up’ (although if we are honest with ourselves we could have seen these things coming.) 

Neverless we complain and moan at the necessary evils that we must deal with on a daily basis no matter how unpleasant they may be – they are just part of life.

We may have caused the misfortune to ourselves or we may be completely innocent. Regardless we have to face challenges with our head’s held high and humility in our demeanor and learn whatever we can from what has come our way. 

Pouting about it never helped me – believe me I’ve tried. Thankfully time and plenty of eye rolling from friends and family quickly taught me this kind of attitude gets me no where. I must simply face whatever it is with intelligence, preparedness (as best I know how), and a open mind. Lord knows this circumstance was brought into my path for reasons I may never know this side of heaven. 

Neverless I have become more and more apt to handling these unexpected interruptions in life – almost welcoming them as bringing me some new gift of knowledge – even if it is only to learn how big of a mistake I’ve made – hey that’s progress right?

And so I embark tomorrow on an adventure of something I missed somewhere along the line in my busied life, which now requires my attention and action. 

Instead of dread – I chose to look forward to this as a learning experience on how to better manage my adulthood responsibilities and I will learn all that I can so I don’t make the same mistakes. 

Challenges will come and go – in the form of financial hardship, health issues, family problems, work dilemmas, the list goes on. Let us not be surprised but welcome them expectantly and see what we are supposed to learn from them and spread the knowledge to others. Let us not be inconvenienced in vain! 


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