Use Your Words!

Instead of describing your situation or mood in a negative way – use your words to describe your situation as you wish it to be – or feel.

Instead of saying ‘I’m in a funk’ say ‘I’m readjusting my priorities and creating a new focus for my life’.

That is just as true as the first statement – but which makes you feel better and more energized about the situation? Definitely the latter.

Instead of describing someone as ‘intolerable’ instead say ‘they behave in a way that I don’t understand’. Both true statements but the second one will make the person much less of a bother to you because truthfully you don’t understand how someone can behave a certain way.

Instead of saying ‘I’m overwhelmed’ say ‘I have a lot of things I want to accomplish and I’m not sure where to start’.  That sounds a lot more maneagable.

We believe our own words more than anyone else’s. 

Use your words to change the way you view the situation and it will indeed change things in your favor!


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