Give yourself grace – but not excuses

Life happens. Pregnancy, weddings, races, new jobs, birthday parties, deaths, births, moving, planning, creating.

Often we let whatever pressing task of the moment derail our usual routine and once it’s over we feel lost and overwhelmed.

Earlier today I posted a video about how to get back on track by doing one small productive thing.

I’ve read many times that the act of making your bed in the morning is an incredibly valuable habit and it sets off a chain of positive vibes throughout your day.

Unfortunately, at least 3 days of the week I leave at 545am and my husband is still sleeping so I can’t make the bed.

But on my days off I can.

After a weekend of being a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s weddings, running a ten mile race – I was left to pick up the pieces of the past couple months – little things that have fallen through the cracks and build up to feel like big things.

Give yourself a grace day – to recover and do nothing. Eat a favorite food, relax on the couch – and start to plan your exit strategy out of your temporary slump.

Give yourself some grace – but don’t give yourself and others excuses.

Get back on track with your goals for the rest of the week month and year and don’t lose any momentum. Don’t let your slump last longer than a day if possible. Even if making your bed is all you do the first day back in the game- or emptying the dishwasher – or vacuuming – or returning a phone call.

Do one thing in a positive direction.

Grace yes – excuses no! You can do this!


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