Find Your Happy 

Everyday includes those necessary tasks that are not necessarily ‘fun’. Even if we are in our dream job, inevitably there are parts of it we’d prefer to skip.

Once you find your happiness Style try to sprinkle more of that throughout your day. 

Are you a ‘doer’? If you love to do lists make one for everything – even the things you don’t like doing and it will make a happy spot for you.

Are you relational? Call a friend every time you do the laundry.

Are you contemplative? Listen to a probing podcast while doing the dishes.

Are you experiential? Try to make your mundane tasks more memorable by trying them different ways each time.

Are you a giver? While taking that mind numbing training try to give as many compliments as you can – give your classmates and teacher the gift of yourself even if you can’t stand the subject matter.

Bring your happiness Style into all the necessary tasks of your life and it will make the drudgery much more delightful.  Let’s think ourtside the box and try to bring our own style to everything we do. We will benefit greatly and we will be a delight to those around us.


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