Happiness Style

I’m reading a book called The Happiness Dare by Jennifer dukes Lee.

She proposes, after years of research and personal practice that each of us have a unique happiness style.

Just as we were created with different gifts and abilities, we were also created with our own unique wiring to what makes us happy.

Happiness is not something to be shamed – when we are happy we are most like God. Yes we will have struggles but Jesus was the happiest person on the planet. People were drawn to him by the thousands – children wanted to sit on his knee. Children know a happy person and aren’t drawn to sour, morose people.  

We are at greatest service to ourselves and others when we find our happiness sweet spot. Comparison is the thief of joy. Do not compare yourself with what makes others happy.  You might find the greatest joy in scrapbooking while others would rather pull off their own toenails than engage in such an activity.  God created us with different happiness styles and I challenge you to find your sweet spot – as different as it may be from others. 

What do you get lost in doing? When do you lose track of time? It may several different things – but don’t try to be something you are not. You will not find satisfaction there – only frustration. 

Finding what we can’t stand doing is just as important as finding what we love doing.  Take some time to reflect on your happiest states and try to find a theme – and cultivate your happiness in those sweet spots.

The world needs you at your happiest – there you are displaying the glory of God and most effective in your life. Your happiness will speak to others and spread like wildfire.  Never underestimate the importance of living in a happy state as much as possible.

It’s not selfish – it’s essential not only to you but to everyone around you. You will fulfill your purpose for life much easier and sooner when you operate at your happiness sweet spot.


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