Developing a Writing Habit

Everyone has a story to share.  I think it’s healthy for us to share ours with each other. I’ve been told I was good at writing.  I’ve had a dream to be a writer. I stepped out and started a blog.  One day I want to author many books but this is my first step towards that goal. 

Creativity must be cultivated and practiced. Writing must become a habit just as anything else we want to improve in our lives.

Forcing the pen to paper is a necessary step in pushing past the fear of beginning a new journey.

Journaling has done worlds of good for me – so I only hope that sharing my thoughts with others can have the same benefit to others.

Take your first step, no matter how small.  A writing habit – whether it’s just your own personal journey – writing down your goals or writing a love letter – just write. Because the world deserves to hear your thoughts – even if you are the only one who ever reads them – you deserve to see your thoughts in print. 


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