What I (Re)Learned in Vegas

  • Everybody is looking for something
    • Whether it is here in the suburbs of Philadelphia or on the streets of Vegas, everyone is after the same thing.  Chasing pleasure or looking for significance – we are all the same.  This quest for significance may show itself as a young (or not so young) girl dancing for dollars on the street – or a more polished version – dancing on the stage for the hottest DJ’s in the world.  Inside both girls are looking for the same thing and one is no better than the other.
    • A young man may pay thousands of dollars to feel significant at a VIP table in a club so that he can feel powerful and wanted – or he may dance on Freemont street in a light bulb suit and take pictures for dollars.  Inside they are the same.
    • The very obvious displays for attention reminded me of the humbling thought that if it were not for the grace of God in my life I would be in just as desperate a place.  Sometimes I can still feel that desperate – but I have to pull myself out and find my significance in the only lasting source – my creator.
    • The only lasting source of significance is making an eternal difference in people’s lives.  Being a change agent in your own corner of the world.  Serving others, helping others, encouraging others, living to make a positive difference in the world is the only thing that will bring you that lasting satisfaction – what all these people are looking for is to be found in God’s purpose for their life.  I pray that they can find it and that we earnestly seek after it each and every day.
  • It is good to get away and gain some perspective
    • We can easily take our families, jobs, homes and friends for granted.  Getting away makes you miss home – and sometimes leaving home is the only way to find appreciation for it again.
    • Even though trips cost money, time, inconvenience – it is worth it.  It is important to see the world and remember that we are only tiny specs on this earth in comparison to all the people in it.  Although God cares deeply for us it is good to remember that there are 7 billion other people in the world with just as many problems and struggles as us.  Traveling can put your life into perspective.
    • You can choose to focus on the positive or negative in any situation.  I found myself complaining on the way to Vegas because of how tired I was and I had to quickly stop myself.  How dare I complain?!  I’m on my way to Vegas with 2 of my best friends in tow to celebrate and dance and dress up!  These are my favorite things in the world to do!  How easy it was to complain though!  It is just as easy to turn it around though – and I did.  Out loud I started declaring “I am full of energy.  I am excited to be on this trip!  I am grateful for airplanes that can fly us across the country!  I am young and full of life!”  Meanwhile I was feeling quite the opposite – but what you focus on you become.  Did I want to become MORE tired?  More ungrateful?  No! I wanted to feel grateful and happy and full of energy – so that is what I spoke to myself.  The feelings follow after – you don’t have to be feeling those ways in order to declare it out loud.  Our minds listen to our voices and our thoughts.  I was telling my body I was excited, so I started to feel excited!  I was telling my body I was full of energy, so I started to feel full of energy!  This feeds off itself and becomes infectious to those around us.  Ever come across a miserable person and start to feel miserable yourself?  Well that is the same with energy and positivity.  Sometimes you can’t change someones energy but at least you can focus on cultivating your own.  If you have to remove yourself from a situation where someone is miserable and tired, sometimes you have to do it.  If you can’t physically remove yourself, use it as practice for mental strength – to see if you can keep yourself positive despite the negative energy around you.
  • Your friendships will make or break you
    • I prayed long and hard for the friendships I now have.  Two of my best friends were on this trip with me.  I did not meet these two girls until I was in my 20’s.  Christine in nursing school and Sarah at my first nursing job.  When you are weak or tempted – your friendships can be your ROCK.
    • When I wanted to spend unnecessary money at Ross – Sarah reminded me of my values – that is not something I want to do – and I didn’t do it!
    • When I was missing my ‘old life’ where I drank and was consequently irresponsible – Christine reminded me of what I have and how precious it is.
    • If I had different friends that trip could have gone very differently.  Yes you need to be mentally strong yourself – but when you are weak and need to be reminded of why you are doing what you are doing – your friends can be there to remind you and hold you up to your own standards.
    • If you friends have low standards, so will you.
    • If you are routinely doing things you aren’t proud of – seriously reevaluate your friendships – you might need to be lonely for a while until you find people that are going to bring you up to a higher level.
  • In conclusion – find your significance in helping other people, get the right positive perspective, and evaluate your friendships – just these three things will radically alter your life.  I can never relearn them enough.

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  1. Hi, Jeanette. It’s Ellen. Glad you enjoyed Vegas. Lovely suggestions in your post. Unfortunately, the world is very materialistic andoesn’t appreciate inner beauty

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