Every moment you live with hope whether you realize it or not.

When you feel discouraged, depleted, depressed and down – ask yourself this question: Where have you lost hope?

Hope is what will carry you from what is to what could be.

Hope will take you through the valley and take you to the mountain top.

When hope is low your outlook becomes grim.

Your frustration with life will increase exponentially as your hope tank is leaking.

There is hope for you your life to turn around.

There is hope for your finances to completely turn around.

There is hope for your relationships – for your family – for your children – for your career.

Make sure you are filling yourself with hope – however you can. Read stories where people turn their lives around dramatically.  Watch videos of people who grew up with nothing and yet are the happiest most impactful people in the world.

Look back on your life to the times when you thought the outlook was grim and things would never work out – but they did.

Hope. Hope. Hope.

Have hope for others, hope for yourself, hope for humanity.  Believe in the power of Hope in your heart.

If you have hope you can always stay positive no matter what life hands you – because you will view everything through eyes of hope – that things will not always stay this way.

Every moment there is a new opportunity for your life to turn around. Every morning God’s mercies are new.

You can choose to be different. You can create new habits. You can create the life of your dreams no matter what your life looks like today.  You can lose the weight, get the degree, get the promotion, meet the love of your life.




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