Finding Inspiration Everywhere

My hairdresser Mary Alice has been doing my hair since I was 17 years old. I’m now 30.

Every time I come to get my hair done we joke that we’ve conquered the world’s problems once again.

Mary Alice knows more about me than some of my own family – and vice versa.

Each time she gives me the gift of making me blonder, she jokes, “Think blonde thoughts!”  We smile at each other and share a laugh.

Mary Alice and I have had very different journeys but also very similar.  I think we attracted each other by our shared desire for personal improvement, always exchanging information on our newest sources of encouragement and motivation. 

I joke that Mary Alice is “my second therapist.”  When I get in the black leather swiveling chair and get foils folded in my hair I absorb all the wisdom she has to offer and revel in our special relationship.  

Everywhere you go, whether it’s your local coffee shop, dry cleaners, or your actual therapist – inspiration is to be found.  Keep your eyes and ears open for those that share your similar humor for life and laugh with every possible person you can.

Share yourself with the people you regularly interact with – and even the ones you’ll never see again.

I made a commitment that if I’m going to treat myself to a Starbucks drive through, if I’m blessed enough to afford a extravagant cup of caffeine, then I am blessed enough to buy it for the car behind me.

I tell the teller – “I’d like to pay for the car behind me as well.  Just tell them it’s my random act of kindness for the day and ask them to pay it forward.”  With a surprised smile the teller nods – and inspiration flows.

Find and give inspiration everywhere you can – it is there – just waiting to be found – or created – by you.


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