I’m on Fire To Inspire

Day 3- The Miracle Morning

This morning I had to go to work – so I tried to wake up at 430 instead of 5.  Well I woke up on my own at 330 and thought that this was great – in a way.  I posted a video of what my vision board looked like and I thought I would stay up.  Maybe I was hungry?  I ate a bowl of cereal and went back to sleep until 430 and then pressed snooze until 5.  Not my finest Miracle Morning yet.

I was flexible.  I listened to some of my affirmations, I did my devotions.  I prayed, I did 60 jumping jacks and I brought the rest of my Miracle Morning with me in the car.

I listened to affirmations I had self recorded from 2014 when I first started the Miracle Morning habit in the car.  I listened to my assigned bible reading (reading the bible in a year) while I was in the car.  I did a 3 minute UCLA Mindful Meditation from the Coach.me app in the car before I got out to walk to my building.

Although day 3 didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked – I still reaped the benefits.

I could feel the difference in my demeanor and outlook towards the day.  I picked up Dylan after work and drove a long way to pick up my bridesmaids dress that I have been chronically putting off.

I walked around the neighborhood with Dylan, I spoke on the phone to two of my close friends. I spoke with my mom at length about my miracle morning routine.  She remembers when I first started – March 6, 2014.  45 days later I met my husband.  In my affirmations that I read and believed every morning included ‘I know that God is bringing my future spouse into my life this year and I thank God in advance for brining this to pass.’

How very interesting, and how very life changing.  Andy and I had our first date April 30, 2014.  We were married 13 months later and pregnant on our honeymoon.

How very incredible.

I stopped this miracle morning routine when I went to night shift and praise the Lord I was able to switch to day shift December 26th of 2015.  My pregnancy was difficult for me emotionally and I did not practice these habits (at a time where I needed them the most).

Gradually I have been able to find myself again, 8 months after Dylan was born, I’ve started this amazing Miracle Routine again.

Please look up Jeanette Zoltowski on Youtube and watch my videos – subscribe.  Let me inspire you in word and in speech.

Miracles will begin to happen to you if you start this amazing morning routine.

I beg you to try.

I’m on fire to inspire you to experience what I’ve experienced.  Your life will never be the same.

Look up Hal Elrod and his book the Miracle Morning.  There are free downloads on tmm.com to start you out on your journey.  The most successful people in the world have this morning routine.  You want to be successful and happy don’t you?  Then wake up a little earlier and give yourself a damn chance.

Your best life depends on it – and the lives of all those you will inspire.

Spread the fire.




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