Seeing the World With New Eyes

This morning as I did my Miracle morning routine for the second day – it was interrupted, pleasantly. Dylan awoke 45 minutes earlier than usual at 545.  This prevented me from running like I was so committed to doing.

Instead I listened to the rest of my bible passages on the Bible gateway app as he had his bottle.

So for my exercise I walked – with Dylan in tow in the bjorn. It’s like I saw my neighborhood for the first time. My time of meditation that morning seriously impacted me.  I was present in every moment. Noticing the bright colors of the leaves, watching as they fell graciously to the ground.

I noticed my neighbors and said hello and smiled. Normally I’m ‘too busy’ and ‘too rushed’ in the morning to engage in such niceties.

It felt wonderful. We walked around the beautiful pond in our community and watched the geese and the sunrise reflect on the water.  Because I had already had my time of reflection and time of investing in myself, my time with God – I was full to the brim to let God’s love spill over into the lives I encounter.

Normally we are running so much on empty we can’t pay attention to the needs of others because we are so much in our own heads. Setting this time aside in the morning before anyone is awake is your time to get in and come out of your own head. Lay your requests down at God’s feet and feel filled up and ready to face the day – no matter what you encounter.

I highly encourage you to start a similar morning routine – it is life changing.

I truly have new eyes after only day two. The swaying of trees, the sound of geese, smiling at my neighbors walking by – presence in the moment is where God uses is us and all we really have. Let’s get out of our own heads and see the needs of others by addressing our needs first thing in the morning. It’s the responsible and life enhancing thing to do.

This is a picture of the pond this morning on my walk with Dylan. What a beautiful site I normally miss out on in the business of life.


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