The #1 Habit that Transformed My Life

Last night I reprinted everything from the Miracle Morning website (I had given my book away to inspire another soul 2 summers ago).

I read my nighttime affirmations and set my intentions on getting up at 5am with an excited spirit and not pressing snooze!

I put my phone across the room so that I would have to get up to turn it off, as well as placed a night light in the bathroom, hoping the light would draw me out of my bed and into my day.

I did go back to bed…for just three minutes.  Fully awake I contemplated that I could not NOT follow through and I got back up before my 5:05am alarm would further disturb my husband.

I brushed my teeth, washed my face and dressed into my running clothes that were already laid out from the night before.

It felt wonderful.

Today I did not have work – I wake up at 5 on those days as a necessary evil.  On my days off Dylan usually doesn’t arise from his cute baby sleep until 6:30 so I was way ahead of the game.

I sat down and looked at the S.A.V.E.R.S. as Hal calls them.

Silence : I took time to pray as well as meditate using the app mindful mediations (just 7 minutes long).  It felt amazing.

Affirmations: I listened to my affirmations, also from the app that I’ve been listening to for years, as well as read Hal’s example affirmations and my own.

Visualization: I visualized my vision board (it is still upstairs in my bedroom and I was doing this in living room, will have to figure that out).

I felt the good feelings I was intending to feel throughout the day with the various tasks I had to complete and visualized my ten year goals, as well as visualized my start at Drexel in January being a smooth and pleasant one.

I smiled. On purpose.

Exercise: I stretched while listening to the bible on Audio – the Bible Gateway app – I’m going through the bible in one year and Charles Stanley assigns a few chapters at the end of his devotional.  I did 60 jumping jacks.  I had every intention of doing a morning run but thankfully I had some margin – because my mother was watching Dylan while I went to my class.  A little miscommunication left us scrambling at the last minute but I am grateful that I had that extra margin otherwise I would have brought Dylan to class! Ha!  So tomorrow, I RUN.

Read: I read for 10 minutes, my Charles Stanley Daily Devotional, and a chapter of the book Before Amen by Max Lucado, one of my favorite Christian authors of all time.

I cried!  Out of Joy, Love, Awe!  (Max has a way of making God so real to you that this is not uncommon).  But this morning was different.  I knew I was embarking on a new journey that God was with me in.  I felt his presence deeply and felt incredible gratitude for the opportunity to grow.

Scribe: (journaling) There is a spot to journal in my Charles Stanley Devotional but I also journaled separately as I visualized, writing down my feelings and thoughts and what I imagined in my mind.  I asked God’s blessing on these endeavors and for his guidance and I thanked him immensely for the realizations I had experienced that morning through my reading time.  I asked him to make himself more real to me today.  That I would feel His presence throughout the day.  Indeed I did.

Besides going to my class at work, working on some thumbnails for my YouTube channel, I kind of just hung out with Dylan and relaxed.  But because the first hour of my day was so incredibly productive, uninterrupted and full of intention I still feel accomplished at the end of my day.

I’m in bed, posted a video about my first experience and I am excited for day 2.  This changed my life before and I know it will change it again.  I stopped when I was on night shift and pregnant and something has lacked ever since.  I’ve been able to incorporate some of the same habits but it needs to be consistently every morning in order to propel my self growth into the next level.

I’m going to read my affirmations and head to bed with my phone across the room and an excited smile across my face.  Today was a good day.  Tomorrow is going to be even better.


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