3 Steps to Becoming Your Own Hero

Who do you look up to?  Who do you wish you could me more like?

When you feel down about yourself, who do you compare yourself to in a positive way?

Who or what type of person comes to mind when…

  • “I wish I could be more like ____ in this situation.”
  • “I bet _____ wouldn’t struggle with this.”
  • “Why am I so weak?  Why can’t I pull myself out of this slump faster?”

Step #1

I want to challenge you to be your OWN hero and instead.

When feeling insecure ask yourself:

  • How would a confident person act in this situation?

When feeling scared or fearful:

  • How would a courageous person still follow through with this task?

When feeling down:

    • How would an optimistic person view this challenge?

    Step # 2

    Now shift your focus to how a confident, courageous, optimistic YOU would act, think and behave.

    Step # 3

    Instead of comparing yourself to those you admire become the you you admire. It’s like role playing.  It’s like faking it till you make it. But it works. 

    • If I was feeling confident right now, how would I behave?  Then follow suit.
    • If I was feeling proactive and productive right now, what actions would I take? Then do them.
    • If I was feeling kind and generous and loving how would I treat this person? Then treat them exactly in that way.

    The feelings will follow I promise you. 

    Behave as your best self and you will become your best self and become your own hero in the process.

    Find me on YouTube, Twitter @inspirationalRN  and Facebook ‘Jeanette Zoltowski’


    4 thoughts on “3 Steps to Becoming Your Own Hero

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    1. I love this! I can honestly say that I’ve never had the idea of looking at myself as my own hero, so to speak. At the same time, I don’t necessarily have any personal role models of my own, so I imagine this will be a rather easy exercise for me to implement. Thanks for sharing!

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