Life Outside Our Comfort Zone

Life outside your comfort zone is where magic happens – but it is scary.  For the first time I am doing something everyday that scares me.  Writing these blogs – putting myself up on YouTube everyday.  Oh yeah, including a 51 second freestyle rap about emergency Nurses Week.  I can tell you it’s terrifying but also exhilarating.  

What could you do?  Maybe continue that conversation one more question than you normally would? Take a more scenic route to work? Try meditation for the first time?  Ask for feedback from your spouse or from your employer? Take steps each day towards becoming your own employer? 

Getting up a little earlier so you can pray and center yourself? That’s out of our comfy bed zones! But it is still stepping out of what’s comfortable and embracing growth.

The crazy thing is – the more you take risks the more your zone will grow – and you have to keep evolving in order to step out of a now bigger bubble of safety. 
Try to make yourself uncomfortable today – for a moment or two longer than you like.  It might not be so scary and you just might get addicted to the growth.


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