Channeling Your Zeal

I want to do everything.  And I want to be great at all of it.  This of course creates quite a bit of internal pressure and external fatigue.  I wonder if you relate?

In my first 24 hours of creating a blog and a Youtube channel I want the immediate gratification of knowing I’m inspiring thousands of people to chase their dreams!

I smile sheepishly at myself as I read my own words.  Of course I know how very unrealistic that is.

My ‘takeaway’ from this whirlwind is to remind myself that good things take time to grow.  The right people will find my posts.  You’ll read these words at the exact time you need them.

When you embark on your dream chasing journey, think of me and remember, you will feel impatient.  Then also remember, ‘Oh yes, good things take time.’

This great energy I’ve just released into the universe must be channelled into the menial tasks – the less fun part of life, the part where you have to write down a schedule and plan ahead.

It will pay off though, whatever you set out to do is always better accomplished with a defined and calculated plan.  I say this to remind myself in the midst of my excitement, to not lose sight of the goal.  The goal of course is create quality content that will inspire people to go after their God given dreams.

Would I like to shout it from the mountain tops? Yes.  Would I like to sit down one on one with each and every person and exchange stories, triumphs and trials, tears and laughter?  Yes!  Is this realistic? No.

Well cant everyone that needs inspiration just find my blog and Youtube channel and the whole world will be inspired and start hugging each other and curing AIDS and finding God?!

I hope you are chuckling with me.  Although we don’t like the red tape along the path to our dreams, it is there nonetheless.

If you want to run a marathon you have to train months in advance.  If I want to inspire YOU I have to learn how best to reach you, how to get my content in front of you so that we can laugh and cry together.  Maybe not over coffee – but over Youtube?

And so I will learn.  I will become a student of blogging, of Youtube, and of all the technical things that do not bring me pleasure in the least.  What does bring me pleasure?  What will keep me going?  YOU.  I want so desperately to reach people who are seeking inspiration that I will do what does not come naturally to me.  I will edit videos, I will read articles on blogging, I will learn about tracking and tags and all things web to get to YOU.

Forgive me as I may stumble through.  Give yourself permission to stumble too.  I’ll be there to catch you – maybe not with the catchiest post at first – or the fanciest video – but I will get better.

Whatever your goals may be, most likely there will be a learning curve at the beginning.  Treading in unmastered territory is painful, unpleasant and sometimes downright embarrassing!  We want to be the best!

When we start out on our journey we won’t be the best.  Humility is a wonderful thing for the soul.  Let us graciously learn from other willing teachers how to do the tedious things required of us.  Carry with you your zeal for your dream to the dreaded duties.  Be creative and find a way to make them less dreadful.

Don’t despair at these necessary unpleasantries.  There is much preparation we must go through before we are ready for the fun stuff (changing lives for instance).  And who knows?  You might end up enjoying those tasks you once dread.  At the very least you have stretched yourself and isn’t growth what this whole thing is all about anyway?

Take your giant leap – whatever it is you have been afraid to do – you MUST do.  Then channel that passion and energy into refining yourself and your craft so that you are bringing your very best to the table.  I promise I’ll do the same.img_2706

The Amazon River, Central Brazil Mission, 2014





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  1. I met this wonderful lady on that trip to Brazil! Have LOVED watching you achieve all the things you spoke about wanting to achieve during that trip!

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